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Fenella Fielding Home Page

Welcome to the late Fenella Fielding OBE’s official website detailing her career -  stage, radio, TV and film appearances. You can read about the ongoing work of the Fenella Fielding Foundation to celebrate her life and career. There's a shop selling merchandise including her memoirs in hardback and audio book too.

FENELLA FIELDING OBE: 17/11/27 - 11/09/18 RIP

I still find it hard to believe that Fenella is no longer with us. But sadly, seventeen days after a massive stroke, she did pass away. Her GP said, "I have known her for 30 years and she would wish to take a graceful bow and leave the stage like the lady she is." She did exactly that. I held her hand. She was at peace. She died with her eyelashes on.

Miss Fielding was an incredible talent. (That voice!) She had sixty six years on stage including a remarkable renaissance in the last few years of her career. These years were especially happy for her. She got to do lots of hugely enjoyable work including what she described as 'very speakable' translations of Greek classics and reading from her own memoirs. She was so grateful that audiences didn't ever forget her and for the amazing support she received from her fans. Constantly, she told me how happy she was to be working and 'can we just keep going please'. We did! Her last job - recording voice for Eddie Mair - was the day before the stroke. It was one last perfect day we had together; work, curry, shopping for chunky plastic jewellery in Cecil Court and then what, sadly, turned out to be our final coffee together.


In July 2020, I established the Fenella Fielding Foundation to celebrate the great lady's life and career. I will use the Fenella Fielding Archive as source material for CDs, DVDs, books and exhibitions (projects we had planned to do together). It's a not-for-profit company to raise money for charitable causes e.g. bursaries for actors from lower-income backgrounds as they begin their careers. (In keeping with the RADA scholarship Fenella benefitted from when she was starting out.) The first project is announced below. Please join the mailing list for updates about what comes next. Simon McKay (2021)

Fenella Fielding actress by Simon Carter 2010 Do You Mind If I Smoke?

This website was originally established in 2011 as a way for Fenella to let audiences know what she would be doing over the coming months.

​Fenella on Social Media:

​Twitter:     @fenellafielding



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Halloween Carry On Screaming
Showing at QMUL starts 5:30pm

Carry On Screaming Halloween Screening 2023 min.jpg

Halloween Fenella by Cathy Lomax (2023)

In association with QMUL, the Fenella Fielding Foundation proudly present a Halloween screening of Carry On Screaming. (31st October, starts at 5:30pm.) It will be introduced by Fenella's friend and biographer, Simon McKay. Afterwards, we're displaying some of Fenella's personal effects, selling merchandise and providing drinks. Tickets are free, but limited. Please book tickets

QMUL Hitchcock Theatre: 327 Mile End Rd Bethnal Green, London E1 4NS

Fenella Fielding: Actress (Exhibition)

Fenella Exhibition poster
Fenella Fielding Tea Towel

Exhibition Merchandise: catalogues, tea- towels, tote bags & posters shop

In 2022, the Fenella Fielding Foundation presented an exhibition at Gallery 286 of new Fenella portraits curated by Fionn Wilson. She coordinated the creation of 15 new portraits by 5 artists. The artists did not get to meet Fenella, but with the support of the Foundation had access to many unseen images of the great lady.

The exhibition also included a number of 3D pieces including a fabulous bust by Andrew Logan from 2002, some lenticular (moving) images and Martin Firrell's metaFenella. There were some of Fenella's evening wear and wigs too.!

Exhibition Costumes min adj.jpg

Fenella Evening Wear and Bust by Andrew Logan (2002)

Fenella Fielding: Actress (Exhibition documented by Andrew Keating)

Fenella Fielding Awarded OBE

Fenella Fielding celebrates the 2017 announcement of her OBE. She's in High Spirits!

Fenella Fielding in 'High Spirits'

Fenella was absolutely delighted when, in June 2018, she was awarded an OBE for Services to Drama and Charity in the Queen's Birthday Honours. Fenella said, "I’m terribly moved. It’s lovely to have my work acknowledged in a serious way… It would never have occurred to me that this might happen. But I’m very happy, as you can imagine." Read more about the announcement of Fenella's honour as reported by her local news website.

Simon receiving Fenella's OBE at the Palace.jpg

Simon McKay collects the late Miss Fielding's OBE

Sadly, Fenella died before she was due to go to The Palace to collect her award. It was collected from The Palace by Simon and is now part of her archive. Report from the Palace by Fenella's local news website.

Speakable Translations of Greek Classics

Fenella Fielding, Stephen Greif perform translations of Greek written by David Stuttard. Produced by Simon McKay

Stephen Greif with Fenella at her 90th Birthday Party

Fenella Fielding, Simon Russell Beale

Fenella with Simon Russell Beale

Reading for Actors of Dionysus (2012)

From 2012-18 Fenella performed readings of Greek classics translated by David Stuttard. The first was an appearance with Simon Russell Beale. After that, she starred in the cast of 'Savage Beauty' before settling into a two-hander with Stephen Greif called 'Just A Little Murder'. The highlight of every show was her heartbreaking rendition of Hekebe talking about the death of her grandson. Some of Fenella's Greek work is featured on a CD of Sappho Poems.

Fenella Memoir Readings

Fenella Fielding with Simon McKay at the Phoenix Artist Club reading her memoirs in 2017. Do You Mind If I Smoke?

From 2016-2018 Fenella performed 33 shows reading from her memoirs, often on a Saturday afternoon at The Phoenix Artist Club. They were astonishing events. She was so animated; so engaging. She especially enjoyed sharing stories from the beginning of her career when she was working in nightclubs and rubbing shoulders with various tarts and gangsters. The format of each show was very simple; Fenella would read two chapters; short break; read one more chapter and then Simon hosted a short Q&A with Fenella bringing in plenty of audience participation. The scripts from these shows were recorded first as an audio book then adapted for the print version of 'Do You Mind If I Smoke?'.

Memoirs: Do You Mind If I Smoke?

Fenella Fielding buy audio book of her memoirs written with Simon McKay. Do You Mind If I Smoke?
Fenella Fielding buy audio book of her memoirs written with Simon McKay. Do You Mind If I Smoke?

Fenella & Simon Radio Shows

Fenella Fielding, Simon McKay Radio Shows (2014)
Fenella Fielding and Simon McKay (2014)

From 2011-2015 Fenella recorded a number of radio shows with Simon. They were based around themes including gospel, Motown, love songs, film and show soundtracks. Some included interviews with Fenella's friends: Cult TV Themes (Kate O'Mara) and Jazz on a Summer's Day (Cleo Laine & Annie Ross). More details and links to listen online to shows that are still available click here.

Television Appearances

Fenella Fielding in Skins as Alex's Grandmother (Channel 4, 2012)

Fenella in Skins (2012)

Fenella's last character part on television was playing Alex's grandmother in 'Skins' (Channel 4). It was a gem! Other recent work was voice for 'Kookyville' (Channel 5) and lots of documentaries - often about Carry On Films, Morecambe & Wise and sometimes about fancy hotels.

Fenella Press & Radio 2017-2018

The Guardian: Fenella's letter about Muriel Spark Read

The Guardian: DHSS employee interviewing

   Fenella when she claimed Housing Benefit! Read

ChiswickW4 about Fenella's OBE Read

ChiswickW4 about Fenella's book & 90th birthday Read

Camden New Journal book review Read

Daily Express interview by Jane Warren Read

The Guardian interview by Simon Hattenstone Read

The Telegraph interview by Jasper Rees Read (pay wall)

Jewish Chronicle interview by Anthea Gerrie Read

BBC Radio 2 Steve Wright Listen (Starts at 2:39)

BBC Radio London with Jo Good Listen

BBC Radio 4 Front Row with Stig Abell Listen

Selected Obituaries:

The Sun Read

The Guardian Read

The BBC Read

The Herald (Scotland) Read (Where Fenella lived) Read

Fenella Fielding - music she likes and her radio shows with Simon McKay (Mojo 2012)
Fenella in MOJO by Mark Paytress, 2012
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