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Fenella's 6 hours of audio book heaven 'Do You Mind If I Smoke?' is now available. It's identical to the 5CD version.


The memoirs include some wonderful childhood stories including The Clapton Flasher. Then striking out as a young adult: living alone, compromising situations - Fenella's friend telling her, "He'd have given you fifty quid if you'd walked on his stomach in high heels." And there's a whole chapter about London tarts and gangsters.


The sixties: Vidal Sasoon, Mary Quant and the photographers. The stage shows Fenella was in. A whole chapter about working with Kenneth Williams. The Carry Ons... not just the ones you know about, but what about the ones she turned down and why?


TV shows; The Avengers, Morecambe & Wise, Groucho Marx!, Dougal & The Blue Cat and Skins. Personal stuff too... relationships, eyelashes, her voice and smoking!


The stories are witty and beautifully observed scenes from her life and all told in that unmistakable and ever alluring Fenella Fielding voice.


  • You get all 18 chapters of the audio book on 20 separate high quality MP3 tracks, conveniently collected in a Zip file.

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