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Fenella Fielding & Simon McKay Radio Shows

Fenella Fielding & Simon McKay present their radio shows. This page has details about their shows from 2011 to 2015 and links to click on shows still available

Fenella and Simon on Fenella's Birthday 2014

Fenella and Simon co-hosted a series of radio shows on Break London from 2011 to 2015. They were music and chat shows based around a theme such as Gospel Christmas or Motown May Day. Some of the shows included interviews with guests too - Cult TV Themes featured Kate O'Mara and Alexandra Bastedo. There's a list of the shows below and, when still available, links to listen to them on SoundCloud.

2011 Fenella & Simon's Gospel Christmas (Break London)

2012 Fenella & Simon's Soulful New Year (Break London)

2012 Fenella & Simon's Valentine Love Songs (Break London)

2012 Fenella & Simon's Motown May Day (Break London)

A selection of fantastic Motown tracks... big names, but not necessarily the songs you'd expect to hear. We do start with 'Baby Love' but take a few detours. The show includes Barbara McNair, Four Tops, Temptations together with the Supremes, Kim Weston, Marvelettes, Stevie Wonder, Detroit Spinners, Marvin Gaye, Undisputed Truth, Velvelettes and Blinky.

2012 Fenella & Simon's Soul Christmas Songs (Break London)

2013 Fenella & Simon's Cult TV Themes (Break London)

As well as theme music it features a synopsis of each show, some chat and interviews with some of the stars.

Shows featured include: Prisoner, Danger Man, Protectors, Persuaders, Randal & Hopkirk (Deceased), Adam Adamant Lives!, Saint, Champions, Avengers, Department S, Jason King and Man In A Suitcase. Interviewed are Kate O'Mara, Sylvia Syms, Alexandra Bastedo, Dick Fiddy (BFI) and Jon Astley (Edwin Astley's son). Fenella appeared in a number of the shows too.

2013 Fenella & Simon's Jazz on a Summer's Day (Break London)

​A mix of chat, jazz music and interviews You can hear some wonderful singers and instrumentalists from the golden age of jazz. Also, there's an audio clip from 'Gurney Slade' - a fantastic jazz flavoured TV programme from 1960 - that starred Anthony Newley and features Fenella! Included are interviews with Cleo Laine, Annie Ross and Nigel Anthony.

2013 Fenella & Simon's Gospel Christmas II (Break London)

​A selection of very lively gospel recordings mainly recorded in the 50s and 60s. All interspersed with the usual Fenella and Simon chat.

2014 Fenella & Simon's Alternative Miss World (Break London)


​Fenella & Simon's front line report on 'Alternative Miss World 2014' includes interviews with Suggs, Zoe Wanamaker, Patricia Quinn, Zandra Rhodes and Andrew Logan. All this AND you can watch these two silent videos as you listen to really get what was going on: and   

2014 Fenella & Simon's Film & Show Soundtracks (Break London)

​Fenella Fielding and Simon McKay present a selection of film and show soundtrack songs from their own record collections:
1. Elaine Stritch - Broadway Baby (Concert. 1985)
2. Lisa Kirk & The Girls - Tap Your Troubles Away (Mack & Mabel. Jerry Herman, 1974)
3. Shirley Bassey - The Liquidator (Theme. 1965)
4. Sandra Church - Let Me Entertain You (Gypsy. 1959)
5. Karen Moore, Jaqueline Mayro - May We Entertain You (Gypsy. 1959)
6. Simon & Garfunkel - The Sound of Silence (The Graduate. 1968)
7. Vivian Blaine & The Hot Box Girls - Take Back Your Mink (Guys & Dolls. Frank Loesser, 1955)
8. Kay Medford, Danny Meehan - Who Taught Her Everything (Funny Girl, 1964)
9. Roy Budd - Get Carter (Theme. 1971)
10. Elaine Stritch - Ladies Who Lunch (Company. 1970)
11. Walker Brothers - Deadlier Than the Male (Theme. 1966)
12. Geo S Irving - Butler's Song (So Long 174th St. 1981)
13. Diana Coupland - Underneath the Mango Tree (Dr No. 1962)
14. Zero Mostel & Maria Karnilova - Do You Love Me (Fiddler. 1971)
15. Tony Newley - Yes, We Have No Bananas (LP. 1961)

2015 Fenella & Simon's Christmas & New Year (Break London)

​Fenella Fielding and Simon McKay present their fifth Christmas show. A mixture of music and chat and some special guests: Andrew Logan, Nick Feldman and Kit from Wild & Wood Coffee.
1. Melody Kings - Lo, I Am With You
2. Sly & The Family Stone - Family Affair
3. John Betjeman - Agricultural Caress
4. Johnny Harris - Paint It Black (1970)
5. Sex Pistols - Holidays In The Sun (1977)
6. Lindisfarne - Fog on the Tyne (1971)
7. Tommy Quickly - Wild Side of Life (1963)
8. Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance With Somebody
9. Anthony Newley - Yes We Have No Bananas
10. Juliet Mills & Michael Redgrave - No My Darling Daughter


2013 Home Truths 'Fenella's Birthday Party' - Guest (Break London)

​​Originally broadcast on Break London Radio 17th November 2013; this is Fenella Fielding's birthday party. It features guests Carol Royle, Andrew Logan, Veronica Doran and Simon McKay and is hosted by 'Home Truths' presenter Trevor Blackman.


There's chat and recollections of moments from Fenella's career and moments she shared with her guests. There are also some lovely song selections - Fred Astaire, Elaine Stritch and Peggy Lee.

2015 Post Punk Britain 'Simon's 50th' - Guest (Break London)

​Simon, on his fiftieth birthday plays exactly what he'd like to hear that day. Fenella said she'd love to be on the show too so he popped round to visit. As ever, she's on wonderful form.
1. Dusty Springfield - What’s It Gonna Be (1967)
2. Four Tops - Baby I Need Your Loving (1964)
3. Fashionable Impure - Fight Ignorance (1981)
4. Gang of Four - Damaged Goods (Fast, 1978)
5. Geo S Irving - Butler’s Song (So Long 174th St)
6. Joyella Blade - Cairo
7. Glaxo Babies - Who Killed Bruce Lee (1979)
8. Kinks - I’m Not Like Anybody Else (1965)
9. Yardbirds - He’s Always There (1966)
10. Nina Simone - See Line Woman (1965)
11. Little Sister - Somebody’s Watching You (1970)
12. Young Marble Giants - Include Me Out (1980)
13. Philadelphia All Stars - Let’s Clean Up The Ghetto (1977)
14. Au Pairs - Intact (Richard Skinner Session, 1981)
15. Fenella Fielding - 7 O’clock Razor Blade ad
16. Ron Grainer - The Prisoner (1967)
17. Shirley Bassey - The Liquidator (1965)
18. Sam Dees - Signed, Miss Heroin (1973)

2016 Pre-Punk Britain Fenella presents Simon's regular show (Break London)

Fenella sits in for Simon. In place of his regular Post Punk Britain, she presents PRE-Punk Britain - playing short snappy, no nonsense songs from the 60s:
1. Action - Wasn’t It You
2. Manfred Mann - Pretty Flamingo
3. Hollies – Bus Stop
4. Johnny Kidd & The Pirates - Shakin’
5. Who - I Can’t Explain
6. Beatles - She’s A Woman
7. Dave Clark Five – Maze of Love
8. Animals - Don’t Bring Me Down (Ed Sullivan 1966)
9. Jimi Hendrix - Stone Free
10. Dusty Springfield - What’s It Gonna Be
11. Georgie Fame - Yeh Yeh
12. David Bowie - I Can’t Help Thinking About Me
13. Kinks – You Really Got Me
14. Rolling Stones – 19th Nervous Breakdown
15. Sandie Shaw - Hide All Emotion
16. Small Faces - All Or Nothing
17. Yardbirds - He’s Always There
18. Spencer Davis Group - Keep On Running (1965)
19. Zombies - Is This The Dream
(Originally broadcast on Break London Radio 16/07/16)

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