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Catalogue to accompany the exhibition 'Fenella Fielding: Actress' at Gallery 286 (2022)

It's full colour throughout. 48 pages Pages are silk 200gm throughout. (The video, made by Natalie Dowse, shows her flicking through all the pages.)

It contains high quality reproductions of one painting by each of the five artists engaged to produce portraits for the exhibition; details about the 3D work included and bios on everybody involved. There's also writing from the people who knew Fenella best: Robert Tanitch who saw many of her performances from 1958 onwards, Michael Menzies who was involved in her American performances in the 1960s, Jeremy Swan who cast her in Uncle Jack in the early 90s and Simon McKay who was close to Fenella in the final years of her career and the exhibition's lead curator Fionn Wilson.


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Exhibition Catalogue

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