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Note from Fenella:
Thank you for visiting my website. I'm not on Facebook or Twitter personally, so this seemed like a good way to let you know what I'll be doing over the coming months.

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Forthcoming Events:
Reading at British Museum - Fenella will be reading Greek drama at the British Museum on Friday 8th May.  This is to coincide with a new exhibition called Defining Beauty, the body in ancient Greek art.  Details to follow.

Personal Appearance - Fenella will be appearing at Flat Planet on Saturday 21st February: details  


Radio Shows - Fenella and Simon McKay have recently made two new radio shows - one was a front line report on Andrew Logan's 'Alternative Miss World' and another was 'Film and Show Soundtracks'.  Hear them both on demand via SoundCloud: listen


Video Portrait - 'MetaFenella' is a video portrait of Fenella by Martin Firrell.  It was launched at the Soho Hotel in March and is now available to view online at www.metafenella.com

Radio - Fenella's Birthday Party (Fenella talking with friends) and various other Fenella audio clips (including an interview with Ed Doolan from 1987 and a gorgeous clip of Fenella voicing a cow in Gurney Slade) can be heard here: Click

Veronica Doran, Andrew Logan, Trevor Blackman, Simon McKay, Fenella Fielding & Carol Royle

Stage - Fenella provided the voice for the 'Puss In Boots' cat puppet - a Christmas pantomime at Greenwich Theatre Christmas 2013 (cast below)

Radio Shows - Fenella has an ongoing radio show she co-presents with Simon McKay.  You can click to hear or download the latest edition, Fenella & Simon's Jazz On A Summer's Day, and some earlier shows listen

 Fenella Fielding and Cleo Laine (2013)

Radio Shows - Fenella appeared on Radio 4's Woman's Hour in 2011. The programme is currently available on the BBC website: listen

Photographs - The National Portrait Gallery have a number of photos of Fenella. Prints of one are currently available: details

Here's a trailer for 'Fenella & Simon's Cult TV Themes':


Radio - 'Fenella & Simon's Cult TV Themes' features theme tunes from 60s and 70s cult classics like the Prisoner, Department S and Danger Man as well as interviews with Kate O'Mara, Sylvia Syms and Alexandra Bastedo: listen

Fenella reading at Victor Spinette's Memorial Service October 2012 

Radio Advert from 1965 - A saucy sounding Fenella advertising razor blades for Radio Caroline listen

Fenella Fielding interview from the June 12 edition of Mojo music magazine:

 Mojo article by Mark Paytress